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Composer for musical theatre and chamber groups
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Composer for musical theatre and chamber groups
  George Quincy CD - The Journey of the Red Feather
‘The Journey of the Red Feather’

Music by George Quincy; Libretto by Thayer Burch

Featuring The New York Five

George Quincy's latest album is now available! Order it online via CD Baby

Listen to "The First Morning" from the album. (5 MB, MP3 format, 5:11)




Pocahontas in the Court of King James I

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‘Pocahontas at the Court of James I’
Music by George Quincy; Libretto by Thayer Burch
Featuring Roberta Gumbel, Marshall Coid
and the Queens Chamber Band

Matoaka, Pocahontas, Lady Rebecca Rolfe - by all these names the young, cart-wheeling Native American girl was called.

From a tribe of the Powhatan Alliance, Pocahontas captivated English settlers at Jamestown, and began to learn English from John Smith. In 1616 she was presented at the court of King James I of England as the charming, Christianized, well-spoken Lady Rebecca Rolfe, the Princess from the Kingdom of Virginia.

Before she could return to Virginia, Pocahontas contracted smallpox (some say tuberculosis). She wished to see her native land one last time and set sail for America, but owing to her grave condition the ship turned back and she died in England in March 1617, at age 21.

Pocahontas was buried in the chapel of the parish church in Gravesend, England.

Music by George Quincy
Featuring Timothy Archambault and the Bronx Arts Ensemble

Choctaw Diaries evokes a Native American landscape of spirit, the dawn of a day from another time, meshing with Quincy's own Oklahoma childhood recollections.

It recalls the prairie, the canyon, the expanse of sky. The four movements represent, "The Awakening Spirit"; "That We May Touch the Earth"; "Beauty Comes to the Eye"; and "Journey to My Truth."

The voice of the Native Flute calls for these experiences to be eternal. The strings and the reeds and the percussion are all parts of the natural surroundings

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